In 1906 a German doctor was looking at samples of brain tissue from a woman who had died recently. She was in her 50s. For years she had suffered severe memory problems and other difficulties. The doctor saw unusual changes in the patient’s brain. The doctor was Alois Alzheimer and the disease known as Alzheimer disease. Alzheimer disease is the most common cause of memory loss and other problems with thinking. Alzheimer disease (AD) is not currently reversible and leads to death within three to nine years of diagnosis. About 10 per cent people over age 71 in the USA has the disease. Millions of Americans are living with AD, and a new case is diagnosed every 70 seconds. Alzheimer’s disease is a common disease and a major cause of death among the elderly today. For alzheimer cure proper education about the alzheimer disease is necessary.


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Alzheimer’s is a kind of dementia that causes issues with memory and intuition. First of all, symptoms grow gradually and deteriorate after some time and getting sufficiently serious to meddle with day by day tasks. Alzheimer’s ailment is a Neurological issue. In which the passing of cerebrum cells causes memory misfortune and Cognitive decay. A Neuro degenerative kind of dementia. First of all the illness begins gently and gets worse over time. It is a physical infection that influences the mind.



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Over the span of the infection, proteins develop in the cerebrum. As a result it shapes the structures called “plaques” and ‘tangles’. This prompts the loss of associations between nerve cells, and in the end to the demise of nerve cells and loss of cerebrum tissue. Individuals with Alzheimer’s likewise have a lack of some essential chemicals in their cerebrum. These synthetic errand people help to transmits motions around the mind.


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When there is a deficiency of them, the signs are not transmitted as adequately. New treatments for Alzheimer’s malady can help to increase the levels of substance in the mind. As a result which can help with Alzheimer symptoms. The exact Alzheimer cause is still unknown.There are three Alzheimer stages, mild, moderate and severe (Late stage). According to some researches Alzheimer prevention can be possible with regular exercise. The Discovery of New Drug seems like first step towards Alzheimer cure.

United States of America

United States of America

5.3 Millions Americans have the disease. It is growing rapidly and will reach to the 16 Millions by 2050.In America, Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading



564,000 Canadians are right now living with the Alzheimer’s disease. The figure will climb to the 950,000 in the coming 15 years. It’s high time to do


Dementia and Alzheimer’s are currently the greatest reason for death in England. After jumping by a fifth in a single year. Alzheimer’s overtakes heart disease

Do you know that a new drug trial gives hope to the Alzheimer’s patients?

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Alzheimer's Patients ( Women Percentage )