Common Symptoms


Common Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease



Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease and is difficult to detect in the early stages. Alzheimer’s sets in slowly, with minor signs and signals at first. It gradually displays more serious symptoms until all aspects of the disease are manifest. The appearance of Alzheimer’s symptoms or signs do not necessarily indicate a particular stage of the disease. You should have a thorough medical examination of any changes in you that might provide clues of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.



6th Leading cause of death in USA



The early signs of Alzheimer’s disease are only able to be recognized by doctors who are knowledgeable about the disease. You will only realize that you have it after clear symptoms begin to show.



POSSIBLE Indicators of Alzheimer’s Disease Early Symptoms



  •  Absentmindedness
  •  Forgetting familiar names
  •  Unable to concentrate on anything
  • Unable to recall events of a few hours ago
  • high blood pressure
  •  Puzzled feelings
  • high homocysteine levels
  • family history of the disease
  • nervous disorders
  • difficulty in doing normal routine work
  • repetitive attitudes and losing interest in activities
  • Forgetful of daily tasks like brushing teeth washing hands or combing hair
  • loss of memory


                                                          Are You at Risk of Getting Alzheimer’s Disease? 



They can take certain medications and supplements like Vitamin E capsules to slow down the progress of the disease. So far, not one single item can be taken or used which has shown a huge effect on AD (Alzheimer’s Disease.) However, there have been many tests that show a variety of things you can do to help offset the disease in different degrees. Some changes in lifestyle and behavior patterns like:



  • keeping a relaxed attitude
  •  listening to soothing music
  •  regular massage sessions
  •  spending time with pets like cats and dogs
  •  going for walks with friends or care-givers
  •  family counseling, and even
  •  bright light therapy



Getting the disease diagnosed early can improve the treatment options.