Some Unknown Facts


  • Over 50 million individuals around the globe are dying from the sickness today.


  • Life partners of those with Alzheimer ailment are 600% more prone to get the sickness.


  • Smokers have 50 percent more chances to develop the disease.


  • 72% of individuals with Alzheimer are ladies.


  • The primary Alzheimer symptoms include memory loss, confusion and problems with thinking.


  • For every individual diagnosed, another 8 to 10 people are directly affected.


  • 10% of individuals are diagnosed under the age of 65 years.


  • There are three Alzheimer stages, mild, moderate and severe.


  • Alzheimer’s illness is the most well-known reason for dementia, adding to 65% of all cases of dementia.


  • Knowledge about the disease can lead to the alzheimer prevention.


  • Finland has the most elevated occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease on the planet.


  • The exact alzheimer cause is still unknown.